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Will Evil prevail?


Mythology and Reality Clash in the new novel EVIL.


Jonathan Strauss is the author of EVIL and HERO.  He takes on the fine line between good and evil, exploring just what it means to be human. He has also authored a wide assortment of fantasy stories, ranging from a few pages to full stories told through multiple entries.

Jonathan lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend — fellow author Allison Goodwin — and one very spoiled cat. In addition to his fiction work, he also writes full-time as a marketer, bringing his straightforward, conversational style to the websites of attorneys around the country.



A writer writes in some way everyday. Whether it be emailing a coworkers, finishing a difficult chapter after days or weeks of tinkering, or refining an important paragraph again and again in my head, each day I show in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that writing is my passion. In this blog, you can learn more about me, why and what I write, and much more. Be sure to visit frequently for new entries, too.

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About Mischi Art

Throughout this website, you are likely to run across some custom-made art pieces to accompany my works. Wondering who made the vast majority — if not all — of them? The artist is my good friend and long-time compatriot of creation, Mischi G of Mischi Art. Please pay her a visit, browse her work, and say hello by checking out her Twitter account (, or her own website ( Much of my own work is thanks to her influence and encouragement throughout the years, so I had to show her thanks in return by sending more adoring fans her way.

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In addition to writing, I have other “nerdy” hobbies — no points rewarded if you guessed that already. The most dominant of these “unique obsessions” as a friend once described them is what I call PokéMagic. Throughout the years, I have created thousands of custom Magic the Gathering (MTG) playing cards with a Pokémon theme and set against a backstory of my own creative making. When I cannot write, I work on these cards, either making new ones or refining preexisting drafts. It has served as a fun creative outlet and a bit of a brainteaser for me, as balancing each and every card is important. If you like Magic or Pokémon, and especially if you like both, please feel free to browse this gallery.